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There’s no need to worry about the unknowns when it comes to using Nytol. We’ll tell you everything you need to know and make sure that you have one less thing to worry about when you’re trying to get to sleep.

Nytol One-A-Night 50mg tablets contain a commonly used antihistamine called diphenhydramine hydrochloride. It works by blocking the normal actions of histamine, the chemical that stimulates the arousal-promoting areas of the brain. This helps reduce alertness and promote that first drowsy stage of sleep.

Whilst all medicines can have side effects, they’re approved on the basis of their quality, safety and efficacy. The active ingredients used in Nytol are no different and have been used for many decades. Nytol should be used in line with the instructions on pack.

A morning after effect is unlikely with a full night’s sleep (around 8 hours) and you should wake feeling refreshed. It’s important to use the product in line with the instructions on pack.

Sleep medicines that are available over the counter such as Nytol (Diphenhydramine) are used to treat occasional sleeplessness and dependency is unlikely to occur when used according to the instructions. If symptoms persist for more than 7 days speak to your pharmacist or GP.

Nytol One-A-Night should be taken at least 20 mins before bed.

You can take Nytol during the night if you still have time to get a full night’s sleep (around 7- 8 hours). In general, it is best to take Nytol in line with the instructions on pack, before you go to bed.

Nytol One-A-Night can be bought over the counter in the pharmacy and do not require a prescription.

Nytol’s range of products can be picked up at all good stockists across Ireland. Some of those lovely stockists are listed on our Where to Buy page, but if you’d like to keep it local then visit your nearest pharmacy for more advice.

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